Open House Schedule 2024

Thursday afternoons 2.00 – 3.30pm

Fortnightly meetings with speakers and varied activities.

11 January

“Shops and Shopping” Stanley Bass

25 January

“The Burnt Oak Foodbank” Deepa Chauhan.

8 February

“Dick Whittington-the man, the myth (and the cat)”. Jill Finch.

22 February

“The life and crimes of Agatha Christie” Judy Karbritz.

7 March

“Phantom of the Opera” Geoff Strum.

21 March

“Entertainingly Yours – John and Chris”. John Steele and Chris Walker.

All are welcome at these meetings, held at The Eversfield Centre,
Eversfield Gardens, Mill Hill NW7 2AE and on Zoom.

Above – images after the meeting with Deepak Chauhan and her talk on The Burnt Oak Foodbank – also a snapshot of the locals who attended attended the meeting on 25 January 2024.