Open House Schedule 2024

Open House Schedule 2024

Thursday afternoons 2.00 – 3.30pm

Fortnightly meetings with speakers and varied activities.

11 January

“Shops and Shopping” Stanley Bass

25 January

“The Burnt Oak Foodbank” Deepa Chauhan.

8 February

“Dick Whittington-the man, the myth (and the cat)”. Jill Finch.

22 February

“The life and crimes of Agatha Christie” Judy Karbritz.

7 March

“Phantom of the Opera” Geoff Strum.

21 March

“Entertainingly Yours – John and Chris”. John Steele and Chris Walker.

All are welcome at these meetings, held at The Eversfield Centre,
Eversfield Gardens, Mill Hill NW7 2AE and on Zoom.

Above – images after the meeting with Deepak Chauhan and her talk on The Burnt Oak Foodbank – also a snapshot of the locals who attended attended the meeting on 25 January 2024.

Open House Meetings and Schedule 2023

Open House Meetings and Schedule 2023

Open House is a fortnightly meeting for older people which is held at The Eversfield Centre during term times. Meetings are hybrid with most people coming in person to The Eversfield Centre (where there is a car park), and a few members joining by Zoom when they cannot travel to the Centre.
We meet from 2 – 3.30pm on Thursday afternoons and enjoy a wide variety of interesting  talks and entertainments. From about 3pm there is a social time over tea and cakes.
Open House is a friendly group, and as the name implies, we are open to welcome everyone who would like to come. Our members come from many local churches and from the local community.
Date: Thursday Afternoons
Time: 2 – 3.30pm
Location: The Eversfield Centre
The programme for the first half of 2023 is as follows:
  • 5 January. “Myself and other animals”. Simon Brown.
  • 19 January. “Dover to Hebrides. Halfway round the shipping forecast”. Illustrated talk by Maggi and Harry Lamb.
  • 2 February. “Witches and Highwaymen of Hertfordshire”. Illustrated talk by Revd. John Merrill.
  • 16 February. “Share and share alike. Another hour of music and mirth with John and Chris”. Entertainment by Revd.  John Steele and Chris Walker.
  • 2 March. “Seen from a bus”. Illustrated talk by Rob Kayne.
  • 16 March. “African tales/tails” Ian Jackson.
  • 29 March. “Songs from the Musicals, Movies and the Great American Songbook”. Musical entertainment by Geoff Strum.

Easter break

  • 20 April. “Inside the Victorian Pantry”. Judy Karbritz.
  • 4 May. “Funny Girls”. Geoff Bowden.
  • 18 May. Christian Aid fundraising afternoon. Bring and Buy stalls, Cream
  • Tea and Talk by Veronica Wagner on the work of Christian Aid. Entry £2.50.
  • 1 June. “London in the Swinging Sixties”. Colin Oakes.
All are welcome at these meetings. Come and enjoy being part of this
friendly group and socialising with others in a convivial atmosphere.
2022 Christian Aid Week with Trinity Mill Hill

2022 Christian Aid Week with Trinity Mill Hill

At Trinity, we are setting ourselves a Christian Aid Week Challenge of walking

3 Million Steps this May, whilst benefiting from some exercise and raising vital funds.

Last year, we walked 1.7 million steps and raised an incredible £2000; so this year we are stretching our target (and our fitness levels!) to 3 million steps with the aim of raising £3000; thus seeking to make an impact to even more lives around the world.

We appreciate that these are tough financial times, so please only give what you can afford; whatever you can give is very much appreciated and will change the lives of many.

Together as a community we will aim to reach our goal and raise what we can in order to do our bit for Christian Aid. Thank you.


Instructions for giving to Christian Aid

This can be done online via Just Giving – Just click Donate Now link below!


Click on ‘Give Now’ and follow the instructions. Note that the amount added to the donation for Just Giving’s fee can be from £10 and over.

A message from the Rev David Newton

A message from the Rev David Newton

The Lord’s Prayer is written from a perspective where God is all powerful and we are, it seems, like very small children wholly dependent on his benevolence for our wellbeing. This seems in complete contrast with the warnings about global warming; despite the vast size of the earth, we have collectively brought about a dangerous situation and it is up to us to sort it out. I for one have never thought to pray, ‘Dear Lord please keep the atmosphere from heating up by more than two degrees Celsius by 2050.’ 

Somehow, we need to bridge these two contrasting views of the human situation. The Lord’s Prayer rightly reminds us that God is the source of our being, all we have is a gift from God, and all we have achieved is done through the skills and resources God has given us. The Prayer also reminds us that God is the epitome of all goodness, and it is to him that we look to discern what our course of action should be if we are to make a ‘success’ of the life we have been granted. Somehow in our current situation we need to keep these two things firmly fixed in our mind as we roll up our sleeves, and get on with fixing our problems.

Open House Meeting 2022

Open House Meeting 2022

Open House

Our fortnightly meetings on Thursday afternoons for older people continue to be enjoyed.

During lockdown they were held remotely, but since September 2021 we have held hybrid meetings with most people coming in person to The Eversfield Centre and some joining us by Zoom from their home. 

We have had a variety of interesting and entertaining talks. Our last afternoon of the Spring term is “Fun with Handbells”. We start again after Easter on Thursday 28 April with an illustrated travel talk. On 12th May we shall hold a fund raising afternoon for Christian Aid with stories of some of their projects and a Cream Tea. Our summer term programme of talks and entertainments will as ever be varied. Open House is as its name suggests, open to all who would like to come.

Concert at Trinity Church

Concert at Trinity Church

Concert at Trinity Church

On Saturday 12 March a concert of beautiful music was held at The Broadway.

A full church enjoyed a varied programme of pieces for the organ, piano, violin, voice and double bass, performed by our musicians and some of our young people. We were also entertained by a group of adults and young people from Ukraine.

The concert was followed by a delicious tea and a retiring collection for the Emergency Fund for Ukraine raised just short of £1000. A very memorable afternoon.