Elder’s Districts

Elders’ Districts “Get togethers”

We have started periodic get togethers in our Elders’ Districts. The first was a tea party, held in the summer, and the second a coffee morning in mid October at another member’s home, for members and friends in a different couple of Districts. These are social occasions and we have welcomed people who have not been able to attend our Sunday Services for some time.

Elders’ Awayday, Saturday 19 October at Wesley Hall, Barnet.

This Awayday gave us some time to reflect on issues that our regular monthly Elders’ Meetings do not allow us to cover as adequately as we want. We recognised that between us we offer much time and many different skills, but we discussed and shall continue to explore different ways of organising and sharing our responsibilities both on Sundays and in our pastoral care. Modern life-styles and pressures mean that regular attendance at Sunday Services is not possible for many and that will be an ongoing challenge for us. We want to improve our communication in its many forms as we seek to develop our vision for the future.